Visualizing My Experience

I think whatever you do in your life, you always learn from it. Amal Fellowship is one of the great things I have done in my life. I never thought that I would come this so far.


I started Amal's fellowship in March during a pandemic. I was very happy when first I was selected for Amal Fellowship. I clearly remembered about interviews and the selection process. I can now imagine how this beautiful journey is now come to end. Our sessions were online and it’s the best online learning platform. Our zoom sessions were so engaging because of our mentors.


At first, I thought these sessions maybe just like our online classes, in which teachers came and delivered lectures and that’s it but the Amal magic was a little different. Amal's sessions were completely different. This magic only happened because of our lovely Ma’am Iman and Ma’am Aliha.

If I reflect on my first two weeks in Amal, then I was very conscious at the start that what kind of a fellowship is it and what & how I’m going to learn, etc. When I started the first two online sessions that were a completely new experience for me such as activities are done nowhere. Every activity was new and a learning experience for me.

The first and major unforgettable activity that I did was exploring myself by asking the question “WHY”. In this activity, I explored myself so deeply for the first time that helped me to understand myself better. We in a learning group identify our goals and then convert our goals into SMART goals which was a lifelong learning activity. In this activity, I came to know that how I can achieve my desired goals effectively.

Huma’s Smart Goals

The first thing I want to add that it’s the first-ever time that I think about it because I never bother to think about my dream or goals in deep. I really enjoyed the company of different fellows in the learning group who had very different fields and experiences.

Team Dynamite

The things that remind me of Amal are the activity that we did in our first project work in which we displayed Amal’s values that are;
Honesty: Honesty is the Best Policy.
Responsibility: Just be responsible.
Humility: Be a Humble Human.
Growth: Just learn in every situation, it’s the first step towards Growth.
Acceptance: Accept the things.

The last but not the least thing is Video Award. I really thank Amal that now I can easily face a camera and I can record a video for my job interview easily. Before Amal, I was very shy and I’m unable to do or make videos for my job interview. I think it’s all because of Amal's magic.

Video Experience

Amal taught me a lot of things and I will implement them in my future life. I would like to say that Amal Academy is a place where you can show your talent, a platform where you can refine your skillset by experienced professionals. There is a famous Quote

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Sir Winston Churchill.